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What's on the horizon for the band

Updated: May 26, 2019

Followers of theCore

Just a wee post to let you know what is on the horizon for the band.

Firstly, we have started to put together new tracks for the long awaited album which we hope to record later this year, hopefully this will be available for release near the end of the year just in time for a sneaky wee stocking filler at christmas, we have some amazing ideas which we are extremely excited about and we hope you will all enjoy what we put together.

We are aware that we will have to go some to better the EP that was released last year, however we believe we can better this and then some.

We will also be posting a video in the coming months showing a typical night at rehearsals where you will be able to see the work that goes into producing what you eventually hear on stage and this will be complete with all the tantrums, debates etc that we have and should make for good viewing giving you all an insight to how it is all put together.

Also we are aiming to post some of the new material acoustically so you have the opportunity of hearing what you will eventually hear on stage in full, we are also excited about this concept as it will give you all a chance to give some feedback on what you hear and let us know if the musical road we are on is worth the drive...

Until later.


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