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A Massive thanks to theCore army!

We would like to thank every single member of theCore army who descended on the O2 Academy on Friday night and made the gig what it was, nothing short of epic

In the past few months we have now played Maggie mays...King Tuts wah wah hut... O2 ABC2 and last Friday the massive O2 Academy... the momentum gathered by theCore army reached new heights on Friday at the O2 Academy when 180 plus invaded the venue and made themselves heard, truly truly amazing so well done, we are also pleased at the positive feedback for the newest tune Orange glow as many of you have commented as liking it, this is a massive boost for the band to strive and be better for all you guys who like what we do........

Please visit our web site on a regular basis and let us know your thoughts on anything and everything regarding photos/sounds etc...

Again well done theCore army.... cheers!

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